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Tips For Buying Swimwear: Top Five Designs For Kids’ Bathers

Swimsuit shopping for kids is a big delight for most parents, especially since young ones often don’t argue about the style picked out by their mums and dads (who actually have the tendency to go with “costume-y” designs instead of practical but attractive ones).

Well, if you have children who will believe they’ll look good in anything that you put on them, even a bumblebee swimsuit, then that’s just great. But you have to remember that it won’t take long before they start questioning your aesthetics and the logic behind your style choices.

Tips For Buying Swimwear - Top Five Designs For Kids’ Bathers

Therefore, to play it safe and evade the possibility of being interrogated ruthlessly by your children (one day) about the reasoning behind your “ridiculous” choices of outfits for them, just go for the popular, classic designs for kids’ bathers these days which are projected to be stylishly relevant for the next ten years.

Here is a list of the top five designs for children’s bathers from popular swimwear manufacturers.

1. Giant hibiscus or plumeria

This print has been around since the late nineties and it appeals to both young and old because most of them associate it with Hawaii. These flowers are used for leis, bracelets and hair accessories; basically, they have a strong tropical appeal which definitely goes well with the beach culture swimwear designs are based on.

2. Butterflies

Aside from the fact that these graceful insects resemble flowers, butterflies are nature’s fairies which young children are greatly attracted to and fascinated with. Also, they can come in colours that children, particularly girls, like.

3. Nautical stripes

This means bold lines in navy, red, yellow (or gold) and white. Oftentimes these stripes are accompanied by other nautical images like flags, anchors, rowing paddles, boats, compasses, lighthouses, helms, and sea creatures.

4. Tribal prints

Although kids are too young to completely understand the tribal concept, they are greatly attracted to the combination of neutral and bright but opaque earth colours (like coral and turquoise), the bold geometric patterns, and sometimes the presence of animal images (hippos, rhinos, giraffes, and other safari animals).More adventurous designers, though, are known to use vibrant neon and pastel colours for a younger appeal.

5. Ombré or tie-dye effect

Some people think these styles are rather too sophisticated for kids but if rainbow or pastel colours are used, these styles are actually quite youthful-looking. The mingling tints, especially of purples, pinks and yellows always manage to remind children of their favourite lollies or popsicles.

With this information about excellent swimwear designs, you are sure to feel comfortable while you are having fun at the beach.

When it comes to swimsuit shopping for kids, choosing designs that are both stylish and timeless can save parents from future fashion debates with their children.

Classic designs like giant hibiscus or plumeria prints evoke a tropical vibe that has remained popular over the years. Butterflies appeal to children's fascination with nature, while nautical stripes exude a timeless maritime charm.

Tribal prints offer a bold and adventurous look, often incorporating vibrant colors and geometric patterns. Lastly, ombré or tie-dye effects add a playful touch with their mingling tints, reminiscent of children's favorite treats.

By opting for these top five designs, parents can ensure that their kids look fashionable and feel comfortable while enjoying beach adventures.

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