Friday 19 July 2013

What You Should Know Before Buying Jewelry for the First Time

When you purchase a quality jewelry piece, it should remain in good condition for as long as you live. Jewelry that is worth investing in will possess extra craftsmanship and attractive features that make it one of a kind.

The jeweler should be able to tell you where the gemstones came from, as well as details about the creator of the piece and the history of the jewelry.

When you're going jewelry shopping for the first time, it's important to keep these tips in mind so that you can find a valuable piece that will last for decades.

Research the Jewelry

This is especially true if you're purchasing a diamond, gem, or precious stone. When you find a piece you like, compare it with similar jewelry.

There are jewelers out there who will try to make a diamond more appealing by cleaning it or setting it in a quality bad, even if the stone isn't the best quality.

Find out how to inspect jewelry stones, and research current and classic jewelry trends before making your final decision.

Try the Jewelry On

Try it on and be clear about the return policy. If you wear a piece of jewelry for a full 24 hours, this will let you know whether the piece has been crafted well and will withstand the normal wear and tear of the day like washing dishes or putting on makeup.

You should also observe how the jewelry holds up in humid areas to make sure it doesn't rust or tarnish, especially if you're buying earrings or a necklace.

Ask the jeweler if you can return the jewelry within a day if you notice that it is not the quality you expected after you take it home.

Know How to Care for Your Jewelry

Different types of metals and stones need to be cleaned and maintained differently. Talk with the jeweler before leaving the store to get specific instructions on how to keep your new piece of jewelry clean and beautiful.

You may also want to ask about getting special clothes that you can use to clean and buff the jewelry so that it always looks brand new, even if you wear it daily.

Choose custom Jewelry Carefully

When you're shopping for jewelry for a friend or loved one, find something that is truly original.

Search for an item that fits the personality of the recipient, like an opal ring for a woman with a bohemian chic sense of style, or a herringbone chain for a guy who loves urban yet refined fashion.

Know How to Store the Jewelry

Talk to the jeweler about how to keep the jewelry in its best condition when you're not wearing it. A closed jewelry box or a velvet drawstring bag are usually the best options for storage.

Jewelry should always be stored in a container or room in your home that is dry and cool.

Remember, when you're looking for Custom Jewelry for yourself or a family member, choose a piece that you love, not simply one that was made by a famous designer.

If you go to the jewelry store looking for a particular brand, the jeweler is likely to sell you the piece at a very inflated price. Stick to your sense of style and trust your instincts, and you're sure to be satisfied with your purchase.

Investing in quality jewelry is not just about acquiring a beautiful accessory; it's about acquiring a piece that will stand the test of time and hold sentimental value for generations. When embarking on a jewelry shopping journey, it's essential to arm yourself with knowledge and careful consideration to ensure a worthwhile investment.

Researching the jewelry, especially if it involves gemstones or precious metals, is paramount. Understanding the craftsmanship and sourcing of materials can unveil the true value of a piece. Equally important is trying on the jewelry and assessing its durability during everyday activities.

This firsthand experience provides insight into the quality and comfort of the piece.

Caring for jewelry is an ongoing commitment. Knowing the specific maintenance requirements ensures that the piece retains its allure for years to come. Whether it's regular cleaning or proper storage, these practices safeguard the longevity of the jewelry.

Custom jewelry adds a personal touch to any collection. Choosing a piece that resonates with the recipient's style and personality enhances its significance. Moreover, opting for uniqueness over brand names often results in a more meaningful and cherished gift.

Ultimately, trust your instincts and prioritize your preferences when selecting jewelry. By adhering to these guidelines, you can make informed decisions and acquire timeless pieces that bring joy and elegance to your life.

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