• Safety and Security in your Van

    Whether you use your van as an essential part of your business or just for personal transportation, it represents a significant investment that you will naturally want to keep secure. While it is true that criminals are becoming ever more sophisticated in their methods of breaking into vehicles that pose tempting targets, there are a number of security techniques that you can employ yourself to even the odds.

    Not only will taking safety and security precautions discourage thieves from taking or damaging your van, doing so can also encourage your van insurance provider to offer you a lower premium. This gives you an extra incentive to think carefully about how you take care of your van.


    Unfortunately, the effectiveness of alarms diminishes significantly the more of a built-up urban area you happen to live in. This is because in busy cities alarms are set off with such regularity that many people within earshot will either automatically ignore it or assume that it has gone off accidently, rather than being due to an attempted theft.

    However, alarms still present something of a deterrent to criminals who can be startled into giving up the attempt and making a hasty exit from the scene. More sophisticated alarms can be synched to the owner’s mobile phone which allows you to respond quickly and inform the authorities.

    A solid steel bolt securing the door to a reinforced socket is enough to discourage even the most persistent of thieves. This kind of lock is becoming increasingly popular as it requires a thief to carry sophisticated tools to have even a chance of getting through it.

    Window Grilles
    Securing the doors is a sensible step but a thief can also use brute force to affect the weakest part of the van: the windows. An unsubtle smash-and-grab can still be a hugely costly affair when you take into account the value of any stolen property, the cost of repairing the window and any potential hike in insurance premiums if you make a claim.

    Reinforced grilles are a simple yet effective solution and bespoke parts are readily available for most popular van models.

    Parking Practices

    Physical protection for your van is all well and good but there are a number of other precautions that you can take. Chief amongst them is parking in a secure and sensible manner. If you have access to a garage or well-lit driveway at home then always make use of it as it substantially improves the security situation for your vehicle.

    When parking in public, always choose a busy street with plenty of passersby over a quiet side street that is easily overlooked. The proximity of crowds will severely discourage any would-be thief from attempting to interfere with your van during daylight hours.

    Don’t Display Tools
    The value of specialist tradesmen tools has skyrocketed in recent years, making small commercial vans a prime target for criminals looking to find and steal tools to sell on.

    The best defence against this disturbing trend is to not present thieves with a tempting opportunity. Never leave your van unattended with the doors open when your tools are on display. A matter of seconds is all it can take for a professional thief to clean out your valuable property.

     Empty out overnight
    Leading on from the previous tip, leaving any of your valuables in your van overnight is just asking for trouble. Although it may be a hassle to move everything from the van to the house only to bring it back the following day, think about how much more of a hassle it would be to make an insurance claim, report the theft to the police and go about replacing your valuables.

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