Monday 10 June 2013

Top 5 Android Apps to Manage Money

The Android smartphone is a powerful tool for money management. It lets you track your finances and make key financial decisions wherever you happen to be. But there are so many apps to do with managing money. Some can completely turn a bad financial situation around, whilst others have little value.

Top 5 Android Apps to Manage Money

To help you choose the right apps, we have compiled a list of the top five Android apps to manage money. Use them together or use them separately, it depends on your personal and business finances.

#1. Google Finance

Stocks and shares are a great way to make a lot of money in a short period of time, and vice-versa. Short-term traders need to track the performance of their stocks and shares at any time of the day. Google Finance gives you an ideal way to check the status of your investments.

The key feature is the live streaming system. Enable it and you can watch as the points on each share goes up and down. You can also synchronise it with many of the world’s financial markets. It’s truly a global app.

Another option is to synchronise your stocks with the app. It only takes a few minutes to import your entire portfolio.

#2. Money Lover

Getting into financial difficulty is often a matter of poor financial planning. If more people made a budget, there would be a marked decrease in bankruptcies worldwide. With Money Lover, you can plan your whole personal or business budget from your smartphone.

It’s a simple app with an easy-to-use interface. Enter how much you expect to earn this month and input any deductions from bills, food, and other miscellaneous expenses. The app will calculate how much you could potentially save by cutting down.

You can also enter how much you want to save. Money Lover calculates the amount you could potentially save over the next few months.

The biggest advantage for Money Lover is it shows you the future, rather than sticks to a general mantra of ‘you can save more money’.

#3. PageOnce

If you own a business it’s difficult to split personal bills and business bills, especially if you have multiple properties. PageOnce is an app which can track bills through the Android.

To use it, enter all your financial information. Key your investments, bank accounts, creditors, and debtors into the app. It will monitor all of these balances and alert you should they drop below a certain limit.

Enter the deadline dates for paying off each of your expenses and it will automatically send you an alert just before the deadline. It keeps you on top of your finances and makes sure you don’t miss meeting any of your obligations.

Finally, PageOnce links with online banking facilities. If there’s a bill you have to pay right now, enter the online banking section and pay straight from your smartphone.

#4. Expense Manager

The problem with a lot of apps which track investments is they don’t take into account any random expenses, such as impulse buys. Buying a new tennis racket for a round of tennis with the wife’s friends can throw your carefully calculated financial plans into disarray. Expense Manager tracks these additional expenses.

It still requires you to remember to enter the expense each time you buy something, but after a few days you’ll get into the habit of whipping out your smartphone. Just like PageOnce, you can also enter regular transactions like bank charges and the electricity bill.

#5. Mint

Mint from is perhaps the most famous money management app around. When you download the app, input your bank accounts and any credit cards you’ve taken out. This creates a portal where you can synchronise each major point of wealth.

They have a variety of services available. For the more forgetful financier, it can remind them of when they need to pay off their credit cards, bills, and bank charges. Enthusiastic shoppers can stop getting too enthusiastic by setting an alert for when you reach a certain spending limit.

It also has its own fraud system whereby it reminds you if any suspicious charges have appeared on your statement.

It’s connected to Mint’s computer software. It’s fully synchronised with this software, so you can monitor your finances from anywhere.

And if that wasn’t enough, Mint lets you generate reports and graphs of your spending habits. It can prove useful for spotting trends and making sure you aren’t overspending. If you only download one money management app, make it this one.

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