Thursday 18 July 2013

How To Choose Concrete Cutting Machine And Other Construction Tools

Every business relies on certain tools, equipment, and machineries. The failure of one or several tools will mean setbacks and challenges on productivity and safety. When either aspect of your business is affected, you can expect to incur costs that could potentially trim down your bottom line. When you are in the business of construction, the importance of choosing the right equipment or machineries for every job is as critical as choosing the right people to work for you.

Most construction job sites will have a need for concrete cutting machine, pile drivers, and other derivations of such equipment. To help you choose the appropriate tool for the appropriate job, consider the following recommendations before buying your concrete cutters and pile drivers.

How To Choose Concrete Cutting Machine And Other Construction Tools

Determine the demands of the job

Concrete cutting machines come in different types, from cut-off machines to diamond chainsaws. When picking your concrete cutters, consider the power source as this can address the unique needs of different applications. If a construction job has limits on noise and majority of the tasks are in an enclosed environment, experts recommend going with electric cutters, which are lightweight and simple to use in comparison to cut-off machines. However, they do take longer to finish a job. Meanwhile, for portability, gas-powered cut off machines are very popular but they will require more maintenance.

Consider the location of the job

Specific equipment will work better in certain environments. For instance, a vibratory hammer will work effectively for a variety of soil types as well as clay and sand, and may even be modified for underwater tasks. The PTC vibro hammer is known to be quite efficient. Vibro hammers are also preferred for piles located in sites without enough clearance, which can be challenging for construction companies that use traditional pile drivers.

If the job site is in an area where vibration may adversely affect the stability of existing structures, you may want to go with the hydraulic breaker or hammer, which can be used as pile drivers and rock and concrete breakers. Incidentally, the Toku Hydraulic breaker is considered as one of the more reliable breakers in the industry. The brand designed its breaker without an accumulator, allowing for better reliability as well as minimal breakdowns.

Make sure the equipment is reliable

There are several different brands and manufacturers offering the same sort of equipment, from concrete cutters to pile drivers. Always go with the brand or manufacturer that can guarantee reliability, all throughout the duration of your construction projects. When an equipment, machine, or tool is out of commission, your job will be delayed and costs will arise.

Always think about the maintenance

Breakdowns, slow downs, and every other issue that prevents work from continuing will occur on every job site. This happens even when the equipment is of the highest standards. To make sure mechanical and electrical issues are resolved or prevented, get your concrete cutters, pile drivers, and breakers from an established construction equipment provider. Make sure its service entails after-sales maintenance and repairs so you will have very little to worry about once a construction job is underway.

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