Thursday 18 July 2013

Big Rush in The Sacramento Real Estate Market

The Sacramento real estate market has seen a great amount of activity in the past few months. This has in fact been so ever since the proposition of the Sacramento Kings Arena.


While similar plans have beneficial in cities like San Diego and San Francisco, the plans for the Arena has been a game changer in Sacramento. There has been a great rise in investment activities, especially wherever hotel development is being considered which is directly impacted by the development of Sacramento’s grand project. Naturally this also opens strategic points for office buildings as well and a lot landlords have been busy, as deal after deal gets dealt to them each possibly more lucrative than the previous one. The Arena is making things much better as we are just watching.


Big Rush in The Sacramento Real Estate Market

As things continue to improve real estate agents are increasingly coming down hard on squatters. It is not unheard of real estate agents trying to show prospective clients proper Sacramento homes for sale which have been captured by squatters.


As Jason Brock Lewis of Brock Real Estate shares his experience: ”I do not go to such places by myself. A lot of the time these people do not take kindly to you being there and things get more out of hand than they need to. But then this is not something that happens only here or is not unheard of. You find a good number of squatters everywhere, whether it be New York or New Jersey or our very own Sacramento. What you see as an ordeal is also indicative of the good growth this city is about to see. ”


Ben van der Meer of the Sacramento Business Journal however says that to commercial realtors need to be more creative to ride the wave of the economic rebound. In a recent report in the journal Ben has talked with Colliers International chief economist KC Conway. Conway says that California is currently a challenging setting for developing business. In fact in recent times about 40% of the commercial properties have been rendered obsolete. Conway however says that with some effective reuse the commercial real estate market should follow suit on the residential real estate market as well.


So homes for sale in Sacramento are about to see a rush and commercial structures around Arena might also see some good business as well.


Author is a real estate developer and is studying the Sacramento real estate market. He is currently comparing the development of commercial real estate and homes for sale in Sacramento in the economic rebound.

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