Thursday 22 August 2013

Starck Glasses: Easy Style Tips For Wearing Prescription Designer Glasses

Perhaps no other name in design conjures up images of such specific aesthetics and inspires such reverence than the name Philippe Starck. Starck, who describes his own approach to design as “subversive, ethical, ecological, political, humorous,” has done thousands of projects that you can see in architecture and product design. Now you can actually look at this famed designer’s work, wearing one of his creations: Starck Eyes.

Starck glasses are understatedly cool. They are distinct, clean, and versatile. If you want to get the best use out of your Starck eyewear, try following these easy style tips that can take you from work to play, wherever you live in the UK.

Start with the shape of the frame.

Starck’s eyeglasses come in a range of frames suitable for every shape of face. The easiest way to determine which frame goes well with your face and your features is to go with ones that provide contrast. For instance, if you have a round or oval face, try Starck Eyes in square or rectangular shapes, which can provide you with sharper features; if you have a square face, go for Starck eyewear in round or oval shapes to soften angular lines.

Meanwhile, for people with oblong faces, find Starck spectacles in round or square shapes with decorative temple detailing to break up the length of your face. When you are able to find the perfect frame for the shape of your face, you can look as good as any celebrity — no matter what corrective lenses you wear for your specific vision problem.

Colourful eyewear can be versatile, too.

Do not be afraid of colourful eyewear because these are not just perfect for the fashionable scene in London, but these can also be fairly versatile. The key is to find the right hue to complement the colour of your hair, your eyes, and even your skin tone. Find an optical shop that offers as many Starck eyewear options so that you can try on as many potential glasses as possible. From Starck Eyes in tortoise shell pattern to specs in dual colours, you will look your best — whatever clothes you are wearing — when you put on, for instance, Starck reading glasses in a complementary colour. 

Match the materials to the outfit.

Starck Eyes are crafted from durable plastic and metal materials. Generally, plastic eyewear is best for more casual outfits while metal eyewear may be suitable for more corporate, formal clothes. The beauty of Starck Eyes is that you can use both plastic and metal prescription glasses (whether you wear varifocals or single-vision lens types) with any sort of outfit because the design works for either style.

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