Thursday 24 October 2013

Apartments In Verona – The Savvy Traveller’s Cost-Effective Alternative

The fair city of Verona should be on everyone's bucket list. Awarded by UNESCO a World Heritage Site status, this Italian city boasts a combination of natural and culturally and artistically significant sites. It is no wonder, then, that the Great Bard William Shakespeare set three of his plays in the city: “The Taming of the Shrew,” “The Two Gentlemen of Verona” and the perennial favorite, “Romeo and Juliet.”

The accommodation Verona offers varies; there are hotels, villas and apartments to choose from. And while most tourists opt to stay in hotels for their luxuriousness, many budget-conscious and savvy travellers choose to stay in apartments in Verona due to rising hotel rates and several benefits. Here are a few to consider.

As you criss-cross through to Italy and other European cities, it is inevitable that your laundry piles up. Sure, you can get them washed in a laundromat, but then, wouldn't it be better to spend that money on souvenirs for your family and friends? Villas in Verona typically have laundry areas which allow you to wash your own clothes. If you do book such a vacation rental property, then you can pack lighter.

Sampling the cuisine of a city is integral to any vacation. However, eating out can be very expensive, especially if you're going to do that for each and every meal. Vacation rentals, unlike hotels, have refrigerators and cooking areas which allow vacationers to prepare and cook their own meals.

If your vacation party is big, then accommodation would be your biggest expense. Vacation apartments are a good alternative if you have many friends or relatives who have tagged along for the trip. More importantly, you'll feel more comfortable and more at home in an apartment setting as compared to a hotel.

Another major plus for vacation rentals is privacy. During peak seasons, it is inevitable that you will pass through the hotel lobby and mingle with other guests even if all you want is to go straight up to your room, so private quarters are the better choice in this case.

Vacation rentals are equipped with entertainment options like television sets, DVDs and Wi-Fi so you will not be bored during your downtime. In addition, holiday apartments are well-maintained and the owners are friendly and knowledgeable such that when you’re looking for a great restaurant to try, you’ll get a good recommendation.

Through the Internet, it is easy to find and book a suitable apartment to rent for the duration of your vacation — one that suits both your budget and preferences.

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