Thursday 24 October 2013

Minimise Downtime At The Job Site With Vandal Covers

Towering skyscrapers.Highways and streets stretching for miles and miles. The food on your table and the gadgets you can't live without. All these modern marvels would not have been made possible without the construction and mining industries which rely heavily on earth moving equipment like graders, bulldozers, excavators, backhoes and scrapers. While ancient builders constructed timeless wonders using ingenuity and sheer manpower, today's builders cannot create modern wonders as quickly and as efficiently without these equipment.

Heavy equipment manufactured by the likes of Daewoo, Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, Yanmar, Komatsu, Kubota, Case, JCB and Bobcat are built tough and can handle the demands of both construction and mining sites. However, there is one particular part that can leave them vulnerable to vandal attacks as well as harsh work environments — the operator's cab.

In order to protect heavy equipment against vandal attacks, construction and mining firms can implement a variety of strategies. These can include beefing up security especially during night time when operations have ceased, the use of security equipment like alarms, padlocks and CCTV. But if there is one convenient and cost-efficient way to protect a construction or mining firm's investment, that would be vandal covers or vandal guards.

Vandal guards may be made of aluminium, punched, welded or woven mesh, solid steel, solid plastic or flat bars and are installed onto the earth moving equipment's cab through buttons, brackets, hinges and padlockable over-centre catches. While vandal guards can prevent stones hurled against it by saboteurs or during industrial demolitions or mining operations, mesh vandal guards can allow visual control for the operator without compromising his safety. In addition to this, they are designed to allow the quick and safe entry and exit of the operators.

When it comes to turning projects in time or meeting quotas, time is of the essence. Construction and mining firms must ensure continuous operations and minimise or prevent the cessation of operations due to various causes including the breakdown of earth moving equipment. Breakdown of equipment can translate to delays, which in turn can mean loss of profits and opportunities, or even hassles with the client. As such, it is essential to put in place measures that will ensure continuity of operations. In addition to these, vandal covers are a small investment that a firm can make in order to protect some of its most important assets — its heavy equipment. Take the necessary precautions and do not leave anything to chance.

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