Thursday 31 October 2013

Robert Shumake And His Commitment To Eco-Conscious Living

Robert Shumake And His Commitment To Eco-Conscious Living
As various countries experience the real and pressing effects of the twin problems of global warming and climate change, people are becoming more aware of their role in stemming the tide of these threats. From recycling to purchasing eco-friendly products and even using alternative power sources, it has become evident that each person must make a conscious choice and accept that one's small actions send massive ripples on a global scale.

To say that green technologies (particularly their applications in energy generation and consumption) are the wave of the future is a gross understatement. If devastating hurricanes, suffocating smog, and mountain after mountain of garbage were to become the norm of wanton consumption, then green technologies present a future — an enduring legacy that today's people would like to bequeath to their children.

At the forefront of advocating and harnessing green technologies is Detroit businessman, philanthropist, and bestselling author Robert Shumake. With his vast experience in the world of business, establishing a business school of his own would seem to be a logical step to further promote his vision of helping his community. But with The Robert Shumake Academy, he seeks to go a step beyond molding the world's future business leaders.

Unlike other business schools, the focus of the academy is to train students in technology, green business, and entrepreneurship. The academy is designed to equip each student with laptops while flat-screen TVs broadcasting news from business news are strategically placed along school hallways.

“The curriculum will not be easy. We must break away from the antiquated school calendar based on yesterday’s agricultural rhythms to longer days and summer classes that will better prepare students to compete in the global economy," said Shumake.

The academy is envisioned to begin as a middle school which will later expand to include high school, with its curriculum adapted from Houston's Kipp Academy. Shumake divulged that there are plans to partner with major corporations that will allow the academy's students to serve internships with the top CEOs.

Shumake is currently the CEO of ShuFund Capital, LLC, the Energy Chairman of SGP Energy Fund L3C, and the CEO of Inheritance Capital Group. He is also the Honorary Consul General of Botswana and Tanzania to the US.

Apart from his active participation in his foundations, The Shumake Family and Friends Foundation, the Shumake Legacy Academy, and the Robert S. Shumake Scholarship Relays, he has written two books, “For Entrepreneurs Who Considered Suicide When Business Got Tough” and “Climbing Your Inner Mountain.”

Robert Shumake's commitment to eco-conscious living and green technologies is not only commendable but also forward-thinking in today's world. By advocating for sustainable practices and investing in education focused on technology and entrepreneurship, Shumake is paving the way for a brighter and greener future.

His establishment of The Robert Shumake Academy, with its emphasis on training students in green business and technology, demonstrates his dedication to equipping the next generation with the skills needed to address environmental challenges and thrive in the global economy. Moreover, his plans to partner with major corporations for student internships underscore his commitment to providing real-world opportunities for learning and growth.

As a successful businessman, philanthropist, and author, Shumake's multifaceted approach to promoting eco-conscious living sets an inspiring example for others to follow. Through his various endeavors, including his foundations and scholarship programs, he continues to make a meaningful impact on communities and individuals alike.

In essence, Robert Shumake's vision and actions serve as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to embrace sustainability and work towards a more environmentally conscious future.
  1. I have just finished reading his book “Climbing Your Inner Mountain”. I think its awesome.


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