Thursday 31 October 2013

Six Life Expenses You Shouldn't Cut Corners On

In these tough economic times, people are looking for more ways to save wherever they can. The Internet is rife with ways to reduce spending, but there are just some things that are worth paying for. Here are six life expenses that you should never cut corner on.

1. Health, Home and Car Insurance

Although it's expensive, insurance acts as a critical safeguard against future financial disaster. If you get in an accident, suffer an injury or health problem or a storm damages your home, the resulting bills can be more than you're able to handle.

2. Healthcare Costs

If you suspect that you have a health problem, it's important that you don't skimp on this essential service or put off seeing a doctor. When you do this, you run the risk of a misdiagnosis, or the problem could become worse the longer you wait. Cutting corners when on medical care could be fatal.

3. Credit Card Debt

Debt is a stressful and unpleasant thing, but the sooner you address it, the better. It's tempting to only pay the minimum on your credit card bills, but if you do this, you may never catch up. Between a poor credit score, high interest and other fees, you could end up paying more than you owe. This could also ruin your ability to get loans later on. 

4. Your Bed

The average person spends 33 percent of their life sleeping, so you can see how it might be warranted to spend more for a good mattress. Cheaper mattresses tend to be uncomfortable, which can result in injuries to your shoulders, neck and spine that could cost you more money. That's to say nothing of the poor sleep quality you would experience, which will have a negative impact on your day by hampering productivity. Furthermore, cheap mattresses wear out more quickly, meaning you'll have to buy a replacement that much sooner.

5. Home Appliances

Your appliances help streamline your life, make everyday tasks easier and ensure your comfort. It's important to get the best quality appliances you can reasonably afford if you want them to last. You also shouldn't skimp on repairs. According to the professionals with AC Repair Austin, for things like refrigerator, furnace and AC residents can often address these problems immediately for a reasonable cost.

6. A Reliable Vehicle

In many places, vehicles are necessary. However, quality is an important factor here. If you think you'll save money by buying an old junker, think again. These cars are less safe, less fuel efficient and more prone to mechanical issues that will more than make up for whatever you saved. Plus, you can't expect them to last for long.

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