Thursday 21 November 2013

Achieving Greater Success Through A Business Virtual Office

It finally came to you — the business idea of a lifetime. After years of steadily working from nine to five in an office cubicle and being subjected to the policies and politics of conventional offices, you finally pinpoint the type of business that you would love to run yourself — something that can play on your passions or strengths, something that is relevant and gives you  more fulfillment in life, and — more importantly — something that you can effectively manage by spending your hours each day on a laptop or desktop computer, regardless of your physical location.

Sound familiar? Many of today's more creative and enterprising business owners are discovering that the days of being tethered to a desk in a stuffy building are no longer requirements for a successful career or even a modestly comfortable life. There are more flexible alternatives available, and one such idea is to operate a business virtual office.

A virtual office is simply a business location that exists in the World Wide Web instead of the traditional office setup. In such an environment, business owners and their employees need not meet organically every day; they can come in to work using their laptops, desktop computers and phones. Harnessing the power of the Internet, these teams can transmit important documents electronically and participate in meetings and conferences using video conferencing technology. This means that people can work from wherever they are on the planet — at home, in the car, on a tropical island, or even in between places.

A business setup like this can have a number of advantages. It is ideal for entrepreneurs who may not have the resources to lease a physical office that is appropriately sized to accommodate their team members. If the nature of the business truly does not require being in a single location permanently, a person can move from place to place — travel, meet friends and family, and engage in new experiences (both for professional and personal purposes) — and still allot time to get work done. You will not spend money on gas or fare to get to and from work, and you won't have to bear traffic congestion. You get more time, which you can manage more effectively, so you can lead a less stressful life. And there are environmental benefits as well — no air pollution from driving to work, reduced paperwork (because everything's done electronically), and there's no additional energy used in powering up a separate office.

Of course, it's worthwhile to consider possible disadvantages as well if you plan to start your own virtual office. Poor quality Internet in your current location can affect your work, and you will need to address any technical difficulties you have yourself (or hire a professional) because you use your own equipment. You may find that the lack of face-to-face communication with your team can be affecting the flow and direction of your operations, as it can also be difficult to monitor everyone's performance. You may feel isolated from everyone else, and being at home or in a non-traditional work space can distract you from the tasks at hand.

It's important to weigh these points and determine the specific type of virtual setup that will work best for your purposes first; with this out of the way, you can then proceed to build the successful virtual business you've long planned on running.

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