Friday 8 November 2013

Five Marketing Tactics that Still Attract Customers

Five Marketing Tactics that Still Attract Customers
Marketing has changed over time to adapt to new technologies and new consumer expectations. Although certain strategies have evolved, several tried-and-true techniques are as effective as they have ever been.

Most of these strategies are simple to implement. Here are five marketing tactics that are still attracting customers today.

Direct Mail

Direct mail remains an effective marketing tactic, even for companies that have a strong online e-commerce presence. Direct mail involves sending printed catalogs, flyers, or newsletters to individual homes.

Customers today are still responding positively to direct mail marketing. Direct mail can even be used to drive traffic online or to attract new customers to local storefronts.

Local Radio Advertising

Local businesses are still seeing high returns on investments from traditional radio advertising. Short radio spots connect with local audiences. The advertisements tie the business to the area and engage potential customers.

They are relatively inexpensive to produce and can be integrated with new online strategies, such as referring listeners to your website.

Free Promotional Items

Free promotional products distributed as giveaways during a tradeshow or as a reward with a purchase are still very effective marketing tools. These promotional products can be imprinted with your company’s logo and contact details so every time they are used by current and potential customers, you gain marketing exposure.

Items like the branded golf towels at Finance Care Online bring the name of the business into the home and the golf course. Promotional items are appreciated by customers. They also help to build loyalty.


One of the oldest marketing tactics has been to offer incentives for referrals that draw in new customers. An existing customer can earn a discount or a free item by referring a friend to the business.

This technique is still highly effective. It can even be used through new channels like social media or mobile apps. Referrals have the added benefit of generating positive word-of-mouth buzz about the business.

Live Events

Live events draw crowds and help to convert leads into paying customers. Live events include product rollout parties, in-store classes, and community events sponsored by the business. Live events can be combined with other tactics like handing out personalized towels that are imprinted with your company logo and website URL.

The personalized towels found at give customers something to take away from the event. Customers can engage with the brand during a live event in ways that are difficult online.

Businesses should always have a place for tried-and-true marketing tactics such as promotional giveaways and direct mail. These strategies provide consumers with a tangible experience that differentiates the brand from those of competitors.

They also create awareness of the business in the home and workplace. This will ultimately attract new customers.

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