Thursday 7 November 2013

Top 4 shocking corporate bankruptcies of all times

Bankruptcy is a term often used to describe the 'end' of any successful and (guess what?) not so successful corporations. Now it is good to know that aside from your usual 'we got no money' routine, bankruptcy can be filed under a number of pretenses, adhering to different economic and federal laws. Bankruptcy is actually pretty convenient, for it protects the remainder of your assets from the sticky hands of greedy debt collectors and insures that you wont be going to the poorhouse, at least not soon. Long story short here are the top 5 shocking corporate bankruptcies of all times.


Have you ever heard such an outrageous thing before in your entire life? THQ, the video game company which brought us such delights as the WWE gaming franchise, as well as some other titles which I don't feel mentioning, is now filing for bankruptcy and it doesn't look like they will me making much of a comeback in the upcoming months. Anyway they filed for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which essentially means that they will be continuing their work, only they would be supervised and monitors to make sure they are not skimming off the top every now and then. Even though many wrestling fans were left questioning the reason behind this truly, truly shocking bankruptcy, we can only assume that they got what was coming to them and we do hope that THQ will make at least an attempt in recovering its position in the WWE games.

Eastman Kodak

If you open your baby picture album right now and look at the back of the photos, you will undoubtedly see that most of those have 'kodak' written somewhere in big transparent letters. But just like an old kodak photo exposed to the elements, the company is struggling to make ends meet and is effectively forced to sell their most valued photography patents to their former competitors in order to pay their creditors and craw out of the pit of despair that had formed around their feet. The reason behind Kodak's grandiose failure was their ineffectiveness in mastering digital photography when it was still a new thing. Ever since then people have switched their preferred picture taking method from analogue to digital, leaving the company barefoot and stranded between two totally different concepts of photo making. That is why the company will now be focusing on printing rather than photography.

General Motors

The business world is still reeling from the loss of America's biggest automobile manufacturer and exporter General Motors. They had a little bit of trouble starting at the beginning of the century and slowly but surely, they moved their way up the debt staircase when on the 1st of June, 2009; in front of the Manhattan New York federal bankruptcy court, GM (General Motors) filed their Chapter 11 bankruptcy want.   The company was in debt for $172, 810, 000, 000, while only making about $82 billion in revenue. They had to discontinue making such car brands as Hummer, Saab, Pontiac and Saturn with no note of those brands ever resurfacing to grace us with their mechanical excellence ever again.

Delta Air lines, Inc.

Everyone who has at least ones flown with Delta knows about their outstanding reputation as being America's top airline for well over 76 years! But like all good things, Delta Air Lines had to hand in its towel and filed for bankruptcy in 2005. This process was as swift as it was surprising to many financial authorities. Although this situation had put a lot of strain on the company's overall market value, over the last 5 years Delta has made clear that it would not surrender its positions as being America's top airline company, scoring record profits and keeping their passengers safe and satisfied.  

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