Friday 15 November 2013

Three Ways to Save Money When Putting Your House on The Market

With the real estate market having an uptick lately, now may be a good time for owners thinking about selling their homes to put their properties in play. For those who do, there are several ways that money can be saved on the transaction! Below are three ways to keep the tab down.

1. Hire a lawyer with real estate experience.

Especially for those who are not well versed in real estate transactions, the presence of a lawyer who’s been through the process could save all kinds of time and money for the seller. Among other things, they can help you deal with various financial conditions of the process and they will be able to let you know what you are required to disclose to potential buyers, preventing future headaches.

2. Don’t work with a realtor.

This is a no-brainer. If a seller goes through with a transaction without using a realtor, they can avoid paying a pricey commission. However, short of advertising strictly through word of mouth or papering a neighborhood with flyers, some sort of cash will have to be laid out to promote the sale. Numerous websites deal with homes that are For-Sale-By-Owners (FSBO), which list them in exchange for a fee that can be significantly less than what a professional realtor might charge. According to the National Association of Realtors, 9% of all homes sold in 2012 were done through FSBO transactions

3. Don’t put everything in storage!

If you’re moving from a larger place to a smaller one, there may not be room in the new place for all of your old belongings. For things you might want to keep but don’t have room in the house for then look into that, for a fee, will hold onto the belongings you want to maintain in your possession. According to the experts at storage facility in Baton Rouge, leaving behind some nice extras for buyers might help facilitate a deal and allow you to charge a little extra.

There’s all kinds of red tape attached to the sale process depending on where you live, so selling a home is rarely a cut-and-dry process for anyone no matter how well kept the residence may be. However, the three tips above are some basic ideas that can help someone trying to move property avoid any pitfalls along the way.

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