Wednesday 18 December 2013

Five Time Saving Technologies Small Businesses Should be Using

The modern world offers new hurdles but thankfully some time saving devices to cut through the thickest part of the hedge. Many of these devices not only save time but create new ways to make money. Many of them do not even require a large capital investment.

Device Number One: Home Black and White Laser Printer

While an inkjet printer is still smaller and offers color at a lower start up cost, it often has a grainy print that looks amateurish to professional recipients. Ink is also expensive for someone dependent on buying new cartridges. A black and white laser printer is sold everywhere and costs less than $100. It provides speed, convenience, and a sharp look in-office.

Device Number Two: Promotional Items through Custom Manufacturers

Making a key chain, carrying bag, company flag, or sport drinks bottles with an original message is not only possible but very cheap. Plenty of firms offer this service and merely take a generic blank from inventory and sew or paint the emblem with small industrial equipment. Computers do the work, so even the cost of human labor is minimized. This can be a cost efficient way to advertise and thank customers or employees. 

Device Number Three: Smart Phone Card Swipe

Individuals and businesses can subscribe to this service, either for a monthly fee or a transaction fee. This is especially useful for services that occur in the field, such as home repair. It is also a great way to receive payment for deliveries, and even pizza drivers use them. The only liability is when goods are purchased with a small margin of profit. Transaction fees can eat into business, so it is better to choose a monthly fee for retail.

Device Number Four: Human Resource Management Software

One good example is HR software by BambooHR. Any quality software that tracks employees and their accounts can cut back drastically on office work. Managers in the bad old days had to work salaries and juggle shifts with pencil and paper. This cut into their time or they had to hire assistants who did the work for them. Software can eliminate the need for expensive employees or make better use of office time.

Device Number Five: Cloud Software 

Companies have used internal networks since the 1980s. They are still used, but a cloud creates a virtual network that also gives the business owner advanced administrative tools. The network goes home with employees and they log into the client software from their personal computers. This type of flexibility allows for outstanding oversight, remote offices, and security without all the extra cables.

This type of flexibility allows for outstanding oversight, remote offices, and security without all the extra cables.

Many Retail POS Systems are cloud-based. This feature allows the retail manager the option to check on store operations even when they are away from their store.

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