Tuesday 17 December 2013

Harry Rady Update: Rady Family Continues Support For Children’s Healthcare Through Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego

Even before the Rady family’s $60 million donation to the hospital and its name change to Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego, the Radys have kept close to their heart the cause of children’s healthcare. They continue to support the interests of the hospital and its contribution to the San Diego community. Harry Rady sits as Chairman of Investment Committee, while his wife Mojgan Rady actively serves on the Rady Children’s Hospital Auxiliary.

The hospital is an important institution in California, heralded as the state’s largest children’s hospital with the pediatric care facility holding 449 beds and providing the largest source of comprehensive pediatric medical services in at least three counties. It is the only hospital in San Diego dedicated to pediatric healthcare and is the area’s only designated pediatric trauma center. The hospital is multi-awarded and its various departments have been recognized in their respective concentrations as among the best in the country.

The $60 million from the Radys served to provide improvements and necessities as well as boost morale and spur momentum. However, considering the needs of the hospital in relation to the work it does and the services it provides, it is ideal to have a constant flow of funds to support its programs. Various fundraising activities and investment ventures are regularly undertaken for this purpose. Harry Rady and his family have made sure to contribute in many ways not limited to financing.

There have been many exciting fundraising events including the annual Celebration of Champions, specifically intended for the participation and support of Rady Children’s cancer patients, survivors, and their families. There’s also the annual Charity Ball, which has contributed over $10 million to support the hospital’s different departments and their programs. Golf tournaments, all-star baseball games, walks, luncheons, banquets… the efforts are certainly tireless with volunteers recognizing the difference that they are making. Recently, there was sensation generated by the donation of rare coins worth over $1,700 from a regular but anonymous donor at the Kids NewsDay. The mystery donor is known for dropping off generous but unusual donations before disappearing off in his truck.

Financial need is ever present at the hospital, but thanks to the people involved, Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego’s financial profile is manifesting strength with strategic growth initiatives and efficient expense management in place. It will happily continue to do good for many more generations to come.

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