Thursday 5 December 2013

How can an Employment Solicitor Help You?

Regardless if you’re an employee or employer, but in some situations we need legal advice and support. Employment solicitors play a very important role in handling employment related issues. They not only help in solving employer and employee issues and conflict, but also they help in formulation of company’s policies, agreement and rules. 

How can an Employment Solicitor Help You?

In what kind of situation we need an employment solicitor?

Sometimes it is very difficult to analyze in which situation we actually need an employment solicitor. In hurry we take decision by own and face a problem late so, it would be best option to take help from an experienced and expertise in employment area like SOR Solicitor because expertise person would suggest you right advice and handle every issue with care. Employment solicitors are not only helpful for an employee, but also an employer can take their services. Some very common scenarios where we need solicitor are:

- If any employee of your company has complained about another employee or with the company itself, then it is very necessary to sort out this problem as soon as possible. Either you can do it by yourself or you can take help from an employment solicitor. They act as a mediator and discuss both sides' problems to make a fair decision.

- If you are acting as an employer and you need some legal advice, then hiring a solicitor is a good option. Otherwise you have to be ready for handling any complicated situation. Employment solicitors will definitely help you in extension of your business.

- If you feel that your company is not following the right procedure (consultation or selection process), then you can take help from a solicitor to know about what to do next.

- For any kind of legal and genuine compensation in working environment, you can take help from employment solicitor.

- Being an employer if you ever feel a need of refines terms and policies, recruitment process, agreement contract, then take helps from solicitor to make better policies than previously.

- If you have any issue about the salary like employees doing the same job are getting their proper salary and you are not getting, then it is your right to know why this is. Employment solicitor will help to make sure to get what you are entitled.

- There are thousands of laws and regulations related to employment laws and not necessarily that you are aware about all of them, so solicitors will give you all the information about them. 

Areas covered into employment Law

Before taking help from an employment solicitor it is also necessary to keep knowledge about employment law. We must be aware about all the areas that have been covered into employment law or on which areas are covered by an employment solicitor. Some of very common and basic areas are:


  •       Harassment at work.
  •     Any kind of unfairness (discrimination) in the work whether it is related to sex, age, disability, religious or non religious.
  •       Any issue related to paternity or maternity (family leaves).
  •       Recruitment process and problem in recruiting.
  •       Policies for employees
  •       Employee insurance policies.
  •       Contract disputes and negotiating contract terms.

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