Thursday 5 December 2013

Kids’ T-shirts – Timeless Essentials

Every year, fashion trends come and go, with fashion labels and designers pushing for new styles. But whatever trend is considered "in" by designers and style experts, the T-shirt remains one of the most enduring staples that should be a part of any decent wardrobe, whether you are a man or a woman, whatever your age may be. What makes a garment a staple? Reasons can vary. Among the most common reasons are versatility, variety and timelessness.

Kids’ T-shirts can also be considered the foundation of a solid wardrobe for your child. From statement tees to those printed with images of their favourite bands, cartoon characters and movie heroes, T-shirts can satisfy even the pickiest child. But why has this simple garment endured time and fashion trends?

First, T-shirts are easy to put on. Whether you are going out for a quick trip to the grocery store or you and your family are meeting your relatives, tees are definitely an easy choice. They can match just about any other garment and can be worn in just about any season. On top of that, they're easy to wash. That's a definite plus if you have a little kid who likes to explore the outdoors.

Tees are also versatile. If you have a no-frills personality, then plain T-shirts will definitely be a great part of your wardrobe. Bolder designs can help express both your mood and your personality. The same things apply to your children. But on top of that, kids favour T-shirts over other types of tops because they are comfortable to wear, whatever the occasion is. They're perfect for playing outdoors in just the same way that they're perfect when going out to the mall or to the park for a picnic. As such, it is not uncommon for young kids to wear their favourite shirt over and over — even if it just came out of the washer. And if you ask a kid what top he or she would prefer, it is highly likely that the T-shirt would be picked over a button-down shirt or over a dress. Of course, preference in design will vary and become more pronounced as kids age.

Finally, you can buy T-shirts at just about any price point. This is particularly important if you are just beginning to build your kid's wardrobe or if you are in the process of dispatching outgrown clothes and are thinking of purchasing new garments to replace these.

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