Monday 14 April 2014

Expose Your Inner Movie Geek With Clever And Fun Movie T-Shirts

Seeing a movie is one activity that many people simply cannot get enough of. There's something irresistible about the moviegoing experience: You head out to the cinema (by yourself or with a significant other or group of friends), arm yourself with refreshments, look for comfortable seats that provide you with an excellent view of the big screen, and remain swathed in darkness and soothed by the steady hum of the air conditioning system as you sit transfixed by the scenes unfolding before your eyes. You laugh, you cry, you shriek with surprise, you flinch in terror or disgust, you shake your head in confusion, you stare in silent disbelief — in just around two hours, you become immersed in a story and go through a rollercoaster of emotions (or just a single emotion, in some cases), and when you emerge from the theatre, squinting at the bright lights and readjusting to the hustle and bustle of other people, you feel as if part of you is still swimming in the dialogues and images that you've just witnessed.

Such is the power that film has over the sensibilities of moviegoers across the globe. Nowadays, even TV series have the same effect on the people who watch them; in recent years, a number of compelling TV dramas and comedies spanning a vast array of topics (from period romances to legal dramas to fantasies to crimes) have captivated audiences and spawned cult followings because, in one way or another, viewers find witty dialogue, clever characters and unique situations that they can relate to or be passionate about. And, being visual media, movies and TV programmes are very simple to take in and latch onto.

When you become engrossed in things that are as immensely popular as films and TV shows, it can be fun to acquire and collect merchandise that display logos, iconic images, funny captions and all kinds of information relevant to it. While action figures, toys and other collectibles are common items to go crazy over, TV and movie T-shirts always seem to be one notch higher in fanboys' and fangirls' lists of must-haves. After all, you can only keep toting a toy around with you everywhere you go for so long before you start to cross the line from fan to freak in other people's eyes. A T-shirt, however, looks good on both boys and girls, men and women; wearing the shirt is an effortless way to clue people in on your interests, start conversations with people who share those same passions, and simply let the world know that this movie or that TV series is close to your heart.

There are a growing number of enterprising groups who make it their life's work to produce top-quality shirts boldly printed with images and texts that pop culture lovers will be able to spot from a mile away. Want a shirt similar to Tom Cruise's "Top Gun" flight suit? The Merlotte's uniform that Sookie Stackhouse wears in "True Blood"? Or what about a shirt with the "This Is My Rifle" quote from "Full Metal Jacket"? Makers of these coveted shirts are demonstrating unbridled creativity in coming up with arresting and fun designs that are sure to be a hit among people who love the films and the shows.

When the next movie night with your friends involves replaying "Pulp Fiction" or "Rocky" and you find yourself wanting some funky T-shirts, check out reputable sellers that you can easily find online — you might find the exact Big Kahuna Burger or Mighty Mick's Boxing Gym shirt that you're looking for.

Abigail Mae Prescott is an information and communication systems consultant very much drawn to the fashion, photography and social media world. Starting off her freelance fashion journalism career, she shares her love of shopping and style writing interesting news, gossip and trends. She spends her spare time researching and reading especially topics relating to fashion & beauty brands that most women practically want. With her digital knowledge and passion in fashion, she looks forward to helping fashion bloggers create Internet presence.

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