• Pool Ownership: Good Idea, or a Money Pit?

    When summer rolls around, most of us wish we had a pool in our back yards. However, there’s a lot to consider before you build your own pool. Pools can be costly, and I’m not just talking about the initial investment, but also the maintenance which they require.

    Despite the cost, some people believe that pools are worth it. Here are some of the most common advantages and disadvantages of having a pool in your home.


    Once the pool has been built or installed, you need to maintain it regularly, just like any other part of your home or backyard. However, pools do have an ‘expiry date’ of sorts. The finish can crack and become damaged from age and exposure to chemicals or salt water. That’s when you need to consider resurfacing the pool. You can find some useful information from Payan Pool Services in this article http://www.payanpools.com/pool-resurfacing-san-diego-pool-repair-service/#more-4410. Even though it may be costly, pool resurfacing is only necessary once every 10 or more years if done right.


    The primary reason anyone wants a pool in their back yard is all the fun you can have. Children especially enjoy pools and having one provides you countless hours of effortless fun in the summer.
    Furthermore, pool parties are some of the most popular forms of entertainment for all generations. Young people enjoy loud music and swimming, whereas older people tend to enjoy just being near water with a nice dinner and some good wine.


    Having a pool right in the back yard can actually help you cool down even without dipping in. Large bodies of water tend to need more time to warm up, so they stay cool for longer in the summer heat. Just sitting in a backyard with a pool can be much more pleasant than the alternative. And ultimately, if it gets too hot, just take a swim.

    Resale Value

    When it comes to resale value, having a pool can be a two-edged sword. If you live in an area where backyard swimming pools are uncommon, this can deter potential buyers. People who are unfamiliar with pool ownership and maintenance may feel uncomfortable buying a house with a pool.
    However, in areas where pools are common, like in the Sun Belt, having a pool is an asset. The majority of people enjoy pools and to some extent even expect one to be present.


    An important aspect in the decision to have a pool is that pools look amazing and they give the house an amazing aesthetic boost. If you add strategically placed lights and ornaments, your backyard can be completely transformed. Alternatively, you can create your own oasis of tranquility with selected plants complementing your pool.


    The initial cost of the pool is not small, and it does require daily, monthly and annual maintenance which just add to the total. However, the matter of owning a pool is similar to owning a boat or any other pleasure and luxury. What you need to ask yourself is whether you can 1. Afford it 2. Find the time to use it and maintain it. If both of these are affirmative, there’s nothing stopping you from having your own pool.

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