Monday 10 September 2018

A Guide to Getting the Most for Your Unwanted Gold

A Guide to Getting the Most for Your Unwanted Gold
Image Source: Pixabay
We all have some gold jewellery that we never wear and rather than leaving it lying around, it is possible to sell it to a pawn shop, where you will get the best prices available. As your jewellery collection grows, items that are no longer worn simply take up valuable space and probably end up cluttering up your drawers, and the best solution is to source a reputable pawnbroker who will give you at least the current market value for any old gold items you wish to dispose of.

All Time High Gold Prices

If you are looking to reclaim some of the value of your old gold jewellery, you couldn’t have picked a better time to sell. If you take a look at pawn shops in Melbourne, you will see the prices for gold are at an all-time high, as people lose confidence in the volatile dollar and switch to gold. Not only are you freeing up valuable space in your jewellery box, you are also getting top prices, which will help with your next jewellery purchase. If you deal with a reputable pawn shop, you can be sure of receiving the best possible price and any time in the future when you wish to sell gold, you will know where to go.

Search Online
Search Online
Image Source: Pixabay

Once you have decided to sell your unwanted jewellery, sourcing the best deal couldn’t be any easier. Simply type the right keywords into a search engine window and away you go! Most pawn shops accept gold in any form and will likely pay cash for the items. If you go to the right place, you will get the best price available. Of course, you can wait until you have a considerable amount to sell, but the prices might not be as good as they are right now.

Gold Purity

As you probably know, gold is graded by its purity and the unit is called karat. Typically, gold comes in the following grades of purity:

·         9 Karat
·         14 Karat
·         18 Karat
·         22 Karat
·         24 Karat

Obviously, the price depends on the purity of the gold items you wish to sell and not all pawn shops buy at the same rates, which is why you should shop around. The going rate will fluctuate in line with global gold prices, so if you time your visit well, you will get the highest possible price. Check out articles available online for further reading on the topic of gold purity.

Misplaced Jewellery Items

It is oh so easy to lose a pair of earrings or cufflinks, which is more likely to happen if you hoard them and by spending a little time going through your jewellery collection, you will likely discover quite a few items that you no longer wear. Put them in a safe place until you have enough to warrant a visit to your nearest pawn shop, but remember to compare gold prices before making any decision.

While you won’t get the same price you paid for the jewellery, by searching for the best prices online, you will receive the best possible price for something you no longer use.

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