Tuesday 5 March 2019

17 Smart Hacks to Earn Extra Money in 2019

17 Smart Hacks to Earn Extra Money in 2019

We all love to get some extra, especially when it comes to money. Isn’t it?

As soon as New Year hits, we all start to plan how to achieve our financial goal. Saving money for the rainy days is a smart idea to plan your life for future. In this blog, you’ll get 25 modern ways to earn money. So, check it out.

1. Web and Graphic Designing: Are you expert in graphic designing? You’re likely to earn money online by freelancing. Both SMEs and big enterprises are looking for such expertise to promote their business. There are many sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and others to offer your service. Even if you’re inexperienced, you can make enormous money through it.

2. Online ESL Tutoring: Teaching jobs always rule. You don’t need to have any certificate or teaching degree to start taking ESL tutoring classes. The paying is pretty good. Another great perk of it is that you can enjoy flexible scheduling.

3. Complete Surveys: Companies want to know their customers more closely. If you want to make some quick money, this is for you. Joining such surveys is absolutely free. Many sites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and Inbox Dollars are some reliable survey offering sites.

4. Start Your Own Blog: Do you’ve a flair for writing? Just turn on your laptop and start writing. Open your blog website on any free or paid platform. Write on topics that add value to your readers.

5. Affiliate Marketing: Your social media followers can also help you. All you’ve to do is to promote other companies’ blogs in front of your followers. As for instance, if your Instagram followers is above 100,000, you can make at least $700 per photo.

6. Get Cash Back: Numerous sites like Ebates offer juicy cashback opportunities. Without any little or extra work, you can make money from it. Just buy whatever you want and get some cash back directly to your site’s account.

7. Audio File Transcription: Transcription gives you work-at home chance to make some extra money. Sites such as TranscribeMe and Rev.com give money-earning opportunities even to the inexperienced people. Generally, it’s a product-based pay. The more accurately and quickly you’re changing an audio file into text, the more you’ll earn.

8. Photography: Photography can also help you to earn. You can make money by creating stock images, taking portraits, taking snaps at parties, and so on. But, make sure that you’re taking high resolution photos. Just upload them and big shots will come to you to buy those pics.

9. Buy Bitcoins: Cryptocurrency is around for years. Now, you can use them for shopping, travelling, and buying your desired foods. There are some sites where you can buy bitcoin and get some bonus. So, don’t wait to use this new type of currency.

10. Write Ebook and Sell: Let your words reach others quickly. Write what’s in your mind and sell it as ebook. The buying of ebook is rising among the bookworms. You can sell it either on Amazon Marketplace or as PDF. Once you write the ebook, promote it through blogging, social media marketing, and advertising.

11. Become a Virtual Assistant: Digitalization is increasing rapidly. Now, you’ll get many jobs that can be accomplished without having face-to-face interaction. As such, the demand for online or virtual assistant is also rising. Editing, graphic designing, digital marketing, the scope is endless. You can make almost $10 by working for an hour.

12. Create a YouTube Channel: Have you ever upload a video on YouTube? Millions of people browse every day to watch something new. If you’re expert in something, create video on that. Upload it. Upload videos consistently. But, you need to have patience to start earning from YouTube. It offers several ways to make money like advertising display, brand sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and so on.

13. As a Local Tour Guide: Travelers hire local tour guides to see some hot-spots of their touring places. If you know about your place well, can communicate with others easily, and are jovial, you can make some extra cash instantly by working as local tour guide. After seeing the spots, your guests will give you tip. As for instance, if you’re helping 10 guests, you can get at least $2from each. And, that collectively isn’t too small.

14. Become a Driver: Know driving? Use your skill. Lyft and Uber have changed the face of local transportation for good. If you’re working somewhere, go driving for others in weekends or on nights. However, you’ve to be at least 21years, need a driving experience, and your own 4-wheeler. You can also wok for different transportation companies simultaneously.

15. Make Money with Package Delivery: Amazon Flex is a package delivery platform. Join them and be your own boss while working as driver for Amazon’s delivery partners. You can earn $18 to $25 per hour and that too with your own adjusted schedule.

16. Test Websites: Companies want to make their websites eye-catching and functional. They need testers to do that. As such, they pay people who will browse their websites and share the user experience with them. Several sites like UserTesting, User Test, and others pay you to test websites they will give you. But, there are some sites that require a webcam and microphone to allow you to work for them.

17. Give Your Car on Rent: Have a car? Rent it out. Make some extra money every time someone hires your car. List your car on Turo. Use its earning calculator and pick your own rate. Once you listed there, you’ll get $1million liability insurance for your car.

You can make considerable money only when you do something that you’re passionate about. It will not only help you to stick to that job but also will enable you to give quality service. Just make sure that you’re balancing your job with life properly. Read all the terms and conditions carefully before signing up on any website.

Try the tips discussed above. I am sure you’ll be happy with the results.

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