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Is It Possible to Borrow Against Your Home with a Bad Credit Score?

Is It Possible to Borrow Against Your Home with a Bad Credit Score

Loans can save in different ways. Think of an emergency, for instance, a medical condition. It is difficult to plan for all contingencies in advance because the extent of their effects can hardly be anticipated.

Another scenario, you want to acquire an asset, taking advantage of the prevailing market situation but you are short of funds. A quick loan can save the condition. Nevertheless, not everyone is entitled to a loan. Some people may be affected so much by their past loan records. For example, defaulting a loan may have a long-term financial impact on an individual.

Truth be said, failure to obey financial obligations such as loan payments may not be something an individual can do willingly. This is not a situation that affects only a specific group of individuals, or people from a particular area, say third world countries. Statistics show that at least a third of Americans are struggling to live under bad debts. But this situation should not make you feel as though you may never qualify again for different loans henceforth.

With a bad debt, it becomes increasingly challenging to the worth of loans, with your credit score falling significantly. But it is not impossible getting other loans.

Is It Possible to Borrow Against Your Home with a Bad Credit Score? This is the question of interest in this article.

Generally, obtaining a loan when your credit score has significantly dropped can be so hard. Nonetheless, your home may be the answer in this regard, considering its accrued worth over time. A home equity loan makes it possible to withdraw a lump sum, with home equity-based credit offering as-you-need access. Fortunately, a high credit score is not a prerequisite. Let’s scrutinize this further.

·         Analyze your debt-to-earnings ratio

With bad credit, you can still qualify to borrow against your home equity. This is because your home guarantees the loan. Incontrovertibly, using a home is collateral is attractive to most of the lenders. They prefer attaching property as collateral, and they would do what it takes to convince you. This does not mean they are insignificant. They are still essential in many ways. For instance, they can help you negotiate for a lower interest rate and help you get acquainted with your debt to income ratio. The value you owe others divided by the amount you make.

·         Determine your Home Equity

In most cases, an individual is allowed to borrow up to 80%, or even 90% in some instances, of the real value of his or her home. This yet another loaning metric referred to as loan-to-value ratio. 
Determine your Home Equity

Let us see how this approach works. Suppose the current market worth of your home is $320,000. You owe a total of $220,000 with an LTV of 67%. Suppose still you are allowed to borrow up to 80% LTV, you can be able to get up to $40,000 equity. This value is calculated as follows.  $320,000 multiplied by 80%= $256,000

($256,000- $200,000) = $56,000. This is the value you still owe.

The most significant thing in this regard is what you owe along with the prevailing market price of the house. It is essential always to know the worth of your home. Remember lenders will continuously assess the home to cut down the prevailing market value.

·         Consider Refinancing

This option is commonly referred to as cash-out refinance. It involves reworking on your primary mortgage with a completely new lender, taking part of your equity as a fresh loan, though with better terms. Since it is not perceived a second mortgage, money lenders often have a large scope countersigning the loan. Even though you still need to have valuable equity to have it, it is a relatively easier option.

·         Pick out for Shared Appreciation Agreements

This another appropriate option for individuals with a bad credit score. How about it? Well, in this arrangement, you will be required to share part of your equity in the home for offering an investment company a claim in the property. It can help individuals with significant equity in their homes, yet they do not qualify for loans because of their low credit score.
However, there are challenges associated with this option. For instance, they are often too expensive and complicated. You will get significantly less equity from your home compared to HELOC. Also, they usually have ten years, meaning you will have to repay the equity given to you upfront along with a portion of your asset’s appreciation.

·         Be aware of the required credit score

Nearly all lenders a FICO score of at least 620. Even so, it is merely a matter of measuring your credit score against your debt-to-income ratio. As outlined earlier, credit score is a significant determinant in determining the interest rate you will have to pay. 
The points discussed above will help in a significant way if indeed you need a loan yet you have a bad credit score. Let us summarize them in a decidedly more straightforward manner. To obtain a home equity loan even though you have a bad credit score, you need the following:

a)    Compute your debt-to-income ratio to determine whether you fall in the ballpark of at most 40s.
b)    Be acquainted with the prevailing value of your home along with the amount you still owe.
c)     Ensure your credit score is at least 620 or better.
d)    Think of cash-out refinance
e)    Be aware of the shared appreciation agreement, another better alternative.


Are you among the homeowners with a bad credit score? There is an option for you to leverage the real value in your house for cash, though you will not be able to enjoy the same borrowing freedom with those with a good credit score. If you still find it difficult, you can still still learn about how this works by checking A1 Credit. Even though the instant money in home equity is quite appealing, you need not run into making the decision. Just like others, it as well a debt with terms that may even be costly. Do the math!

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