Tuesday 23 July 2013

Men in Black: Government Agencies Have High Standards

Many people dream of a career in law enforcement. Instead of wearing a uniform, these people dream of wearing a suit and traveling the world on covert missions.

While there's no doubt that jobs within the FBI, CIA, and Secret Service can be exciting, they aren't easy to come by; government agencies have high standards and rigorous testing procedures. Here's more information:

Men in Black: Government Agencies Have High Standards


If you want to get into the FBI, you must qualify under one of the agencies Special Entry Programs. As outlined by the FBI, these include accounting, language, law, computer science, and diversified.

If you make it through the first qualification, you'll be prioritized depending on the area for which the FBI is recruiting at that time. If the FBI determines that you are qualified, you must complete a physical fitness test and a background investigation.


The CIA has a basic requirement that any applicant be between the ages of 18 and 34. After that, application processes become a bit vaguer. According to the CIA itself, applicants will submit to one or more polygraph tests, a stringent background check, and complete health testing.

Though the CIA does have an application process, you are more likely to secure a job if the agency itself recruits you. The CIA actively recruits people with specific military backgrounds and those with college degrees that are deemed a fit for the agency.

#3.Secret Service

The Secret Service is an interesting agency. The general public thinks of the Secret Service as protecting the President and, while this is correct, the agency does much more. There are many departments within the Secret Service and each has its own set of hiring requirements.

In general, applicants must have reached the age of majority, be able to pass a physical and mental health screening, and pass one or more polygraph tests. The Secret Service website has information regarding the requirements and hiring process for each of their many available positions.


The Drug Enforcement Administration accepts applications from U.S. citizens who can successfully pass a drug test. Once a drug test is passed, a thorough background investigation is completed. Special agent positions within the DEA are difficult to obtain as agents tend to remain in their positions for a lengthy amount of time.

It's not unusual for DEA applicants to be currently employed at law enforcement agencies throughout the country.


The four agencies listed above are the most popular for those dreaming of careers in law enforcement. All four have common themes running through their application processes. Applicants must be 18 or over, and several agencies have an age limit set for applicants.

Applicants must be willing to submit to a background check that can get incredibly personal. Anyone interested in applying for a law enforcement career with one of these agencies must be able to pass a physical fitness test and, in many cases, a mental health screening.

After reading the information above, do you think that you're qualified to work with one of these governmental agencies? If you think that you're the right fit, each agency encourages you to begin the application process.

Securing a career in prestigious government agencies like the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, or DEA is a dream for many aspiring law enforcement professionals. However, the road to these coveted positions is arduous and highly competitive, with each agency imposing stringent standards and rigorous testing procedures.

For individuals aspiring to join the FBI, specific qualifications are necessary, often tailored to specialized areas such as accounting, language proficiency, law, or computer science.

Similarly, the CIA requires applicants to meet age criteria and undergo a battery of assessments, including polygraph tests, background checks, and health evaluations.

The Secret Service, renowned for its protective role, offers a diverse range of positions beyond presidential security, each with distinct hiring requirements.

Like other agencies, candidates must demonstrate physical fitness, mental aptitude, and willingness to undergo comprehensive screenings.

Similarly, the DEA, tasked with combating drug-related crimes, seeks applicants who can pass rigorous drug tests and background investigations, often drawing from experienced law enforcement professionals.

Despite differences in specific requirements, commonalities exist across these agencies' application processes, including age criteria, comprehensive background checks, and physical and mental fitness evaluations.

Prospective candidates must be prepared to meet these criteria and demonstrate unwavering commitment to law enforcement principles.

Ultimately, pursuing a career in these government agencies demands dedication, perseverance, and a commitment to upholding justice and security.

While the journey may be challenging, those who possess the requisite qualifications and determination are encouraged to embark on the application process and pursue their aspirations in law enforcement.

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