Wednesday 24 July 2013

How Agents, Valuers And Brokers Can Help You In Buying And Selling A Home

Sometimes, all you need is a little help from your friends — even in buying or selling a home.


A lot of home sellers and buyers push property professionals like agents, valuers and brokers out of the equation both to ensure that the property is sold at a better price and to allow them greater control in the whole process. Surely, this move allows the seller to pocket more money out of the sale while the buyer does not have to shell out money to pay the services of a property specialist. And while there are a host of tools that allow people to buy or sell a house independently, the brunt of the legwork involved falls squarely upon their shoulders.


How Agents, Valuers And Brokers Can Help You In Buying And Selling A Home

But what can a real estate agent or broker do for you? If you are on the lookout for property to buy, ultimately, the final decision lies in your hands. However, with the aid of a professional agent, the search for a house that matches your requirements and budget becomes much easier as the agent can help narrow down your list.


There are a host of tools available online which you can pay for and download. However, with an agent or broker, you are also paying for his experience and expertise regarding the property market which allows you to make sound property investment decisions.


In the negotiation process, you'll find a valuable ally in an experienced real estate agent. Instead of relying on your own judgment which may be clouded by emotions, an agent allows you to approach the matter in an objective manner, like making a reasonable offer or counter-offer and knowing which repairs are reasonable to ask from a seller.


Buying and selling a home involves a lot of paperwork. With the aid of an agent, you will know which papers to procure prior to selling a property. Should the sale push through, your agent can help you deal with the associated documents that need to be filled out.


A property valuer, on the other hand, assesses the value of the property that is put out on sale. His services benefit the seller because he can help find a suitable price for the property. A steep price is one of the common reasons why a property is mired in the market. With the right price, one that is based on cold, hard data and not on emotions, a house can be sold much quicker, allowing the property owner to move in to his new home. The services of a valuer can also benefit someone who is out looking for a property to buy. By giving an objective assessment of the value of a property, the valuer ensures the buyer that he is not shelling out more money than he should.

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