Tuesday 23 July 2013

Taking Advantage Of The Ease Of Business Set Up Dubai

Numerous investors have been enticed to set up a business in Dubai because of the numerous advantages. The city boasts of a free enterprise system along with world-class infrastructure and facilities.

Also, many investors find the United Arab Emirates as an ideal business location because of its cheap energy supply, accessible sea and airports, competitively priced import duties, and freight charges.

Business set up in Dubai also has additional perks like the lack of personal income, capital, and corporate taxation along with full repatriation of capital and profits.

Taking Advantage Of The Ease Of Business Set Up Dubai

Like most of its neighbors, Dubai built its wealth through the oil industry. Through the vision of its leaders, it has transformed itself into one of the top business and cultural hubs in the Middle Eastern region, drawing in both tourists and investors.

Just like setting up a business in your home country, ample research and preparation must be done to sustain your venture and maximize your profits.

One of the first things you should know is that outside of the free zones, foreigners are not allowed to be majority shareholders of a business. A foreign investor is only allowed a maximum of 49% share in the business with the majority going to a local. 

In this regard, you will have to find a local partner, an individual, or a business, that will assist you in obtaining the necessary paperwork required for starting your business.

To protect your interests as well as to give you local legal advice, you should hire the services of a lawyer. This is particularly helpful knowing that you have a partner that has majority control over the business, albeit without contributing capital.

Your next step in business setup in Dubai is to find the ideal business model; and determine whether you should set it up as a general partnership, a limited liability company, or a joint venture.

Your choice of legal structure for your business may be influenced by the fact that the Department of Economic Development has different capital requirements for each model.

Afterward, you will need to lease a space for your office. Note that the DED does not allow "virtual offices" and requires businesses to have an actual physical office.

Your business' successful entry into Dubai is hinged on finding a reliable and trustworthy partner. An effective partner can help you breeze past barriers while providing you solutions to company formation and introducing you to vital contacts.

Dubai's allure as a business destination is undeniable, with its free enterprise system, robust infrastructure, and favorable economic climate attracting investors from around the globe.

The city's strategic location, coupled with incentives such as tax exemptions and full capital repatriation, further sweeten the deal for aspiring entrepreneurs.

However, navigating the intricacies of business setup in Dubai requires careful planning and understanding of local regulations.

Foreign investors must be mindful of restrictions on ownership, which mandate the involvement of a local partner to hold the majority share in the business.

Engaging legal counsel and securing a reliable local partner are essential steps in ensuring a smooth setup process and protecting one's interests.

Moreover, selecting the appropriate business model and meeting capital requirements set by the Department of Economic Development are critical considerations.

Finding suitable office space that complies with regulatory requirements is another crucial aspect of business setup in Dubai.

The DED's insistence on physical offices underscores the importance of establishing a tangible presence in the city.

Ultimately, the success of a business venture in Dubai hinges on forging partnerships with trustworthy and knowledgeable associates.

A reliable partner can offer invaluable support, helping navigate regulatory hurdles, facilitating company formation, and providing access to essential networks and resources.

In conclusion, while Dubai offers abundant opportunities for business growth and expansion, success requires careful planning, diligent research, and strategic partnerships.

By leveraging the city's favorable business environment and enlisting the support of experienced professionals, entrepreneurs can unlock the full potential of their ventures in this dynamic global hub.

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