Tuesday 23 July 2013

Bvlgari Glasses: Top Things To Consider When Choosing Glasses

Myopic (nearsighted). Hyperopic (farsighted). Astigmatism. Whatever eye condition you have, you will — clearly — need glasses. Of course, there are also those who, in spite of their 20/20 vision, choose to wear spectacles as a way to enhance their style. This is why some of the posh design houses in the world, like Bvlgari, have started to include exquisite eyewear in their accessories line. Whether you need Bvlgari glasses for vision correction or for fashion’s sake, consider the following things before deciding on a pair.


The shape of your face. Have you ever wondered why some people look geeky and sexy in thick-rimmed, black, square glasses while other people just look odd in the same prescription glasses? It is not a trick but merely a case of a certain frame complementing a certain face shape. So try to go with a frame that will match the shape of your face.


If you have a round face, try Bvlgari’s rectangular and square frames to add angularity. Those with pinch-worthy cheeks can look for glasses with a noticeable bridge to bring focus to the centre of the face and draw attention away from the round sides of the cheeks. If you have an oblong face, you want to be able to shorten its overall appearance so choose a round or square frame. Both shapes can balance out your features. You should also go for a temple with decorative details as this can break up the long line of an oblong face.


How and where you use it. If you are using glasses to correct a vision problem, then you would do well to choose durable materials from Bvlgari’s optical line like a metal or acetate frame. Long lasting eyewear is especially important if you happen to need complex lens types such as bifocals or varifocals; both types may be pricier than regular lenses. Replacements can get costly if your glasses get frequently broken.


While Bvlgari is renowned for its luxurious detailing, the brand does provide brilliantly simple eyeglasses, which are perfectly suitable for those corporate meetings. So choose clean lines and sedate detailing for more serious functions.


Price point. Just because Bvlgari’s a luxurious, world-class brand does not mean you have to pay for posh prices. When choosing your Bvlgari reading glasses, take a look at the prices offered by retail eyewear stores. Some will provide more affordable prices than others so be very selective.


Whether you are getting your Bvlgari eyeglasses in the fashionable district of London or through a UK-based online eyewear shop, consider your face shape, how and where you intend to use your glasses, and the price. By considering a few things before a purchase, you are guaranteed value for your money — and the right designer eyewear that will last you for quite a long while.

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