Wednesday 23 August 2023

2 Wheels, 0 Mistakes: Pitfalls to Avoid During Online Two-Wheeler Insurance Renewal

In the age of digital convenience, renewing your two-wheeler insurance online offers ease and speed. However, navigating this process without caution can lead to costly mistakes.

In this guide, we unveil the key pitfalls to steer clear of during your online renewal journey.

From ensuring comprehensive coverage to avoiding common errors, empower yourself with the knowledge to achieve a flawless and worry-free renewal experience for your beloved ride.

2 Wheels, 0 Mistakes: Pitfalls to Avoid During Online Two-Wheeler Insurance Renewal

Mistakes to Avoid When Renewing Bike Insurance Online

As you gear up for the digital realm of renewing two-wheeler insurance online, it's crucial to navigate the process with precision to avoid potential pitfalls.

From losing out on No Claim Bonus (NCB) discounts to overlooking vital coverage elements, a smooth online renewal hinges on a vigilant approach.

Let’s delve into the intricacies of these common mistakes, ensuring that your ride's insurance protection remains steadfast and worry-free.

1. Losing the NCB Discount

The No Claim Bonus (NCB) stands as a testament to your responsible riding, rewarding you with reduced premiums for every claim-free year. However, failing to renew on time can result in losing this accumulated benefit.

To retain the NCB advantage, consider renewing your policy and maintaining the continuous coverage that fuels this discount.

Losing the NCB could lead to higher premiums, affecting your financial planning and the overall cost-effectiveness of your insurance.

2. Not Renewing the Policy on Time

Letting your policy lapse by missing the renewal deadline can expose you to significant risks. Not only does this breach legal requirements, but it also leaves you without coverage during the lapsed period.

This means you would be personally liable for any damages, injuries, or accidents that occur during this time. To avoid such detrimental situations, set up reminders or enable auto-renewal to ensure seamless and continuous protection.

3. Filling Incorrect Information

Providing incorrect information, whether knowingly or accidentally, can have dire consequences. Insurance contracts are built on trust and accuracy. Any discrepancies in the information you provide, such as your personal details or bike specifications, can lead to claim denials or policy cancellations.

During renewal, meticulously review and update all details to ensure they align with the current and accurate information, preventing any potential complications during the claims process.

4. Not Opting for a Multi-Year Policy

While a one-year policy may appear cost-effective initially, a multi-year policy offers stability and long-term benefits. It shields you from annual premium fluctuations and safeguards your NCB.

Especially if you plan to keep your bike for an extended period, a multi-year policy ensures continuous coverage without the need for yearly renewals, simplifying your insurance journey and ensuring consistent protection.

5. Not Providing Modification Details

Customizing your bike with modifications is a personal choice, but failing to disclose these changes during renewal can lead to coverage gaps. Modifications can affect the bike's performance and safety features.

Accurately sharing these details with your insurer ensures that your policy covers both the factory settings and the modifications, leaving no room for claim disputes.

6. Not Selecting Higher IDV (Insured Declared Value)

The Insured Declared Value (IDV) plays a key part in deciding the compensation you receive in the subject of total loss or theft. Opting for a lower IDV to save on premiums might seem tempting, but it could leave you underinsured. In the event of a claim, you'll receive compensation based on the IDV.

Choosing a higher IDV that aligns with your bike's current market value guarantees you're adequately covered and won't face financial setbacks during a claim.

7. Not Assessing the Need for Add-ons

Add-ons extend the coverage of your basic policy, tailored to your unique needs. Neglecting to assess your requirements and skipping add-ons could leave you exposed to specific risks.

Evaluate your riding habits, local conditions, and preferences to identify which add-ons, such as roadside assistance, zero depreciation, or engine protection, would provide invaluable support during emergencies, ensuring comprehensive protection in critical situations.

8. Not Buying Personal Accident (PA) Cover

Underestimating the significance of Personal Accident (PA) cover can be a grave oversight. This coverage offers financial support in the unfortunate event of accidental injuries or fatalities.

Not including PA cover in your policy leaves you and your loved ones vulnerable to the financial burdens associated with medical expenses and loss of income. By ensuring you have PA cover, you provide a safety net that safeguards against unforeseen accidents and their potential aftermath.


As the curtains draw on the online two-wheeler insurance renewal process, your commitment to comprehensive protection shines bright. With each detail fine-tuned, from timely renewals to personalized add-ons, you've crafted a shield tailored to your journey.

As you rev your engine and venture forth, rest easy knowing your ride is enveloped in the assurance of well-considered coverage. The road ahead is yours to conquer, equipped with the confidence that you're safeguarded against the unforeseen.

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