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Top 5 Stock Investment Apps in India (Top Pick 2024)

In the last few years stock investment has gone through changes that make it easy to get into. As is generally known the number of stock investment apps has also steadily gone up by a lot.

Top 5 Stock Investment Apps in India
To choose among so many options is aching since each of them suits you! We will cover it in detail so that you can understand it better.

Question yourself on what's essential for you in the stock investment app.

  • Fees: How much money does the app charge you to buy and sell stocks?
  • Features: What tools do you need? Some apps are great for research with charts and news, while others are more for quick trading.
  • Security: Make sure the app is reputable and has strong security measures.
  • Ease of use: A user-friendly interface is important, especially if you're new to investing.

This blog picks the top 5 stock investment apps and explains what each one does best. Whether you're a beginner or already know a bit, this guide will help you find the right app to get started.

India’s Best Stock Investments Apps

  1. GoPocket

  • Best for: Beginners
  • Fees: 0% commission on the transactions during the first month. After the first month, the company collecting fees imposes ₹20 per order or 0.03%, whichever is lower.
  • Features: Very user-friendly interface and easy to use

GoPocket provides you a platform to buy stock, mutual funds, IPOs, futures and options, currency, commodities, and international stocks. GoPocket offers a discount of zero brokerage fee for the first 30 days and just ₹20 per order or a commission of 0.03% on turnover provided later after the trial period.

Users can also swiftly access various educational materials as well as customer assistance.

The customer service capabilities of GoPocket are top-notch. The team has experts who are always available to help the users with any questions or problems that may arise.

To sum up, GoPocket is an app that was intended for every individual, whether a beginner or an experienced trader in the market.


  • GoPocket offers one of the lowest brokerage rates.
  • GoPocket is very user-friendly and best for beginners.
  • A variety of investment options, including stocks, mutual funds, and commodities.
  • GoPocket provides a ton of helpful educational resources to help users.
  • GoPocket offers customer service through phone, email, and a support portal.

  1. Zerodha Kite

  • Best for Overall (both beginners & experienced)
  • Fees:
  1. Brokerage Fees: Zerodha adopts the simple approach of charging ₹20 flat fee per trade, irrespective of the trade value.
  2. Account Fees: No opening account fees or yearly maintenance charges are required with Zerodha Kite.
  • Features: Possess the best interface, most advanced charting tools, research reports, as well as multiple order types.

Zerodha Kite has numerous justifications for why individuals must go for it. It provides educational resources as well as an easy-to-use interface to make it more portable and usable. But Kite doesn't shy away from complex stuff, either.

The more sophisticated customers have access to charting tools of higher complexity and many order types.

Unlike other brokers, which might charge complex transaction fees based on the price of assets.

Zerodha imposes a one-time ₹20 per trade and thus is called out to be the most cost-effective one among all.


  • A lot of educational resources are available.
  • Advanced charting tools.
  • Multiple order types.
  • A good option for both high-volume and occasional traders due to flat brokerage fees.


  • Numerous users have raised concerns regarding app performance issues, particularly instances of freezing or hanging.

  1. Upstox

  • Best for: Intraday and F&O traders
  • Fees:
  1. Upstox charges 2.5% or ₹20 on Equity Delivery whichever is less.
  2. For Equity Intraday, Upstox charges 0.05% or ₹20, whichever is less.
  • Features: Powerful charting tools, real-time market data, and margin trading facility.

Upstox caters to active traders, particularly those who deal in intraday trading (buying and selling stocks within the same day) and F&O (futures and options).

The app has robust charting tools for technical analysis, live market data to stay ahead of the curve, and a margin trading facility to leverage your investments.


  • Advanced charting tools
  • You can trade a variety of assets, including stocks, futures & options, and even mutual funds
  • Margin trading facility


  • Upstox charges ₹20 for equity delivery trades, which can eat into profits for frequent buyers
  • Customer support isn't available 24/7. It can be slow to resolve issues.

  1. 5paisa

  • Best for: Retail investors & cost-conscious traders
  • Fees: 5paisa offers three different brokerage plans: Regular Account, Power Investor Pack, and Ultra Trader Pack.
  • Regular Account: This plan has a brokerage fee of ₹20 per order for all trades. There are no monthly account maintenance charges.
  • Power Investor Pack: This plan costs ₹500 per month and offers a brokerage fee of ₹10 per order for equity and ₹10 per order for other segments.
  • Ultra Trader Pack: This plan costs ₹1199 per month and offers free brokerage for up to 100 equity trades per month, a ₹0 brokerage fee for other segments, and other benefits.
  • Features: User-friendly interface, basic charting tools, multiple investment options (stocks, ETFs, mutual funds).

5 paisa

5paisa strikes a balance between affordability and functionality. It's a good option for new retail investors.

5paisa offers a simple platform to invest in stocks and other instruments like ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and mutual funds.

However, the charting tools might be basic compared to other apps on this list.


  • Through the 5paisa app, you can invest in various assets, including stocks, mutual funds, commodities, and currency.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • The app is available in eight different languages, including English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu.


  • Some users complain that customer service can be slow or unresponsive, and resolving issues can be difficult.
  • The charting tools are very basic.
  • There are also occasional user reports of technical glitches with the app.

  1. Groww

  • Best for: Beginners & investors seeking multiple asset classes
  • Fees:
  1. ₹20 or 0.05% per executed order, whichever is lower for Equity Brokerage
  2. ₹20 per executed order for Futures & Options Brokerage
  • Features: Beginner-friendly interface, curated investment packs, research reports, and the option to invest in US stocks.


Groww is another great app for beginners. It provides a user-friendly interface with helpful resources and educational tools.

Groww goes a step further by offering pre-curated investment packs that align with your financial goals.

You can also invest in US stocks alongside Indian stocks, making it a good option for those looking to diversify their portfolio.


  • Groww is user-friendly.
  • Invest in US stocks with zero account opening, maintenance, and brokerage charges.
  • Groww has a flat brokerage fee of Rs 20 per trade, which is beneficial for frequent traders.


  • On Groww, you can't trade commodities, currencies, or stakes in SMEs.
  • You cannot do with Bracket Orders (BO), Cover Orders (CO), and Good Till Canceled (GTC) types of orders what you can with Bracket Orders.

Thus, whether you are a beginner with some basic app features or a professional with sophisticated tools, a stock investment app is readily available for everyone!

However, investing always has some risks. Research it more thoroughly before you purchase it.

With the art of investment, you may turn your money into more money. Rather than letting your savings remain in your bank account, you can make money by investing. Investing is about taking authority over your financial destiny.

As you invest, you are using your money to reach your dreams, which may be a nice trip, a new car, or retiring early. It's always possible to do something at any time and witness your hard-earned cash grow. So, start investing right now!

Did you know that GoPocket offers zero brokerage for the first 30 days?

Join GoPocket now to enjoy unlimited free trades for the first month.

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